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Commercial Space For Rent Melbourne

Commercial Real Estate in Melbourne

As a business owner or investor, you understand how important it is to select the right property. And at Lease Link, we understand that not all commercial real estate is created equal.

As Melbourne’s commercial real estate consultancy experts, we understand the importance of quality commercial property to your business.

If you’re looking for commercial space for rent in Melbourne, we can help you make the most informed choice and make sure you find what you’re looking for.

We’ll work with you to determine the needs of your business and find the most appropriate property in the best location. We will ensure that your new property has adequate floor and storage space, parking, foot traffic, visibility, amenities – everything your business needs to thrive. And we’ll make sure you get it at the best possible price.

Make an Informed Decision

Lease Link will make sure you are armed with all the information you need to make an informed property choice. After an analysis of your business and/or investment requirements, we will assess such factors as:

•Whether you should purchase or rent
•The existing zoning regulations (i.e. is the property appropriately zoned for your desired use?)
•What repairs, upgrades, or inspections are required
•Adequate space (so you don’t end up with inadequate floor or storage space, or end up paying for space you don’t need)
•Accessibility for your desired usage (e.g. for customers, delivery vehicles, foot traffic etc.)
•Type of location (i.e. whether your business needs to be in a commercial, retail, or industrial area)
•Traffic flow (both foot traffic and road traffic)
•Surrounding competition
•On-site Amenities (e.g. number of bathrooms or kitchens, warehouse space, lounge areas, internet etc.)

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Lease Link makes commercial real estate easy. If you’re looking for commercial space for rent in Melbourne, then contact us today on (03) 9596 1388 or contact us online.